June 2019: Michael Sep 05, 2019
The project is from Michael, Texas, USA. As a carpenter and engineer, it is correct to carry out solar construction in his cab.

Although high temperatures delayed installation, they still completed the project in less than 10 days. Having said that, they built a system that can offset more than $1,500 in electricity bills each year.

We contacted Michael and asked some questions about the progress of the project. He kindly explained the whole installation process to me:

What kind of solar system did you install?
Grid connection

Do you have experience before?
I am a carpenter, engineer and experienced DIY'er. Installing a solar system seems to be much more fun than replacing knobs and tubes!

What is the most difficult part of the installation?
The installation itself is not difficult. It prepares through communication and assistance with Christine Zhang. However, heat becomes a difficult factor limiting the working hours of the roof to morning. I think when the roof temperature is too high, we can save time by installing an inverter inside and wiring switches and panels. The most difficult process overall is the pre-installation license. There is no clear instruction about the process of the homeowner as the general contractor. For us, this is a "learning by walking" experience, and through some more explicit instructions, you can save a lot of time and resources.

How many helpers do you have?
My father is an electrical engineer and joined me from Germany as a good helper. My wife Alison made many calls during the permit period. During the installation process, our three daughters provided a lot of ethical support and served Gatorade.

Have you hired a contractor?
No, the only transaction we need to sign a contract is a structural engineering analysis of the roof structure, which is necessary to obtain a permit.

Do you need any other unpredictable parts or tools?
During the preparation process, we decided to purchase approximately 2 x 4 OSB boards and scaffolding boards to make the installation easier and safer. This is because our apex angle is 45 degrees.

How long does the entire installation process take?
It took 7 days to install the system. It took 1.5 days to build and remove the scaffolding.

How does it feel to complete a solar project?
Big! Indeed everything went very smoothly and was better than expected. One goal of this project is to show our children that the sun can generate our own energy, which can greatly affect the future of our planet. Now, our 5-year-old Josie pointed out the potential high-quality solar roof when driving through the town, which is simply a sense of accomplishment!

Who else did you consider before choosing GooSun?
In preparing the project, we read some literature and checked several online retailers. The fact that Christine provided different pre-configured software packages triggered a conference call to discuss the system we needed in more detail. After the first call with Christine, there is no doubt that we hope to cooperate with Christine. We are always looking for competitive prices and technical expertise and help.

What is the total cost of your solar installation? (Your best estimate)
$ 16,500
Our February Install of the Month winner is Jonathan K.
Our February Install of the Month winner is Jonathan K.
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June 2019: Michael
June 2019: Michael
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